6 Tips For Maximizing Facebook Marketing Campaign

Facebook has more than a billion active members, so it is wise to use Facebook for marketing purpose. It can build your brand awareness, create a community, communicating with clients. And finally, spread the words about new services or products.

Facebook marketing does not have to be complicated. Use these six tips below to maximize the potential of Facebook marketing for your business.

1. Build the audience

The first thing to do with Facebook for marketing is to create a following right base. Send a friend request to people and invite them to like or join your group and page. Give a value of your posts and links to encourage your audience to like, click, and engage with your posts.

2. Create A Facebook Page

Don’t use your individual Facebook account as your business account. Your friends and relations may not have any involvement in business activities. Also, your potential clients don’t want to see your holiday images. As your business develops and you have more people “friending” you. Facebook only allows 5,000 friends per personal Facebook. That sounds like a large quantity, but many web marketers reach that limit quickly. They cannot add more people. So they move them to a fan page. But, the Facebook page isn’t the best as well. Because even though it doesn’t have a limit, it is Facebook itself that will limit your post reach. If you have 10,000 fan page likes, Facebook will only show your post to about 10% of your audience. It is the same with a Facebook personal account which is not limited in term of post reach. The workaround? Money, Facebook loves money, pay them for FB ads.

3. Engage And Interact

Facebook marketing will be effective if your fans trust you. They will know you and trust your brand if you deliver useful information daily. For instance, post an everyday life hack or motivational note on your fan page. Post offers and discounts for your Facebook followers only will also be a good campaign.

4. Integrate Effectively

You can integrate your Facebook marketing activities with your other marketing methods. You will have a better result. For example, you can post your Facebook feeds to your site or blog. You can also include a “post this on Facebook” button on your article page. Put in a Facebook like button on your website.

5. Facebook Ads

Facebook advertisings are inexpensive if you know how to do it correctly. Facebook gives you the option to target your chosen audience attribute based on their hobbies, gender, location, and which page they like. But, Facebook advertising will not go to work if you don’t target your audience correctly. You also need to catch their attention and include a right call to action words in your campaign.

6. Create A Facebook Group

Facebook group is an excellent tool for us to reach the audience without spending money. Posts from a Facebook group is a lot more noticeable in Media Feeds. Plus, Facebook will not limit the reach. You also have total control of the post. You should use a Facebook group to create more leads. Build your customers and finally sell your products or services.

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