Top 10 Secrets About Successful PPC Campaigns

One of the quickest ways to make sure your service or product gets noticed in the enormity of the internet is by having a successful pay per click advertising campaign, also known as PPC campaign. If done well, it can drive consistent and targeted traffic to your website. It also allows you to compete with your competitors in your niche as it is a wonderful way to get on the top of the search engines without actually spending hours of optimizing your site for the search engines. Here are the top 10 secrets about successful PPC campaigns:

10. Mobile Marketing is a Great Channel for Client Response

Mobile is an ultimate medium for customer response. It allows your client to respond to your campaign instantly from anywhere they happen to be. Now no more manual data entry and delays from the postal mail. Mobile marketing will help you get higher response rates as it is incredibly easy and immediate to do. Additionally, brands can build a healthy relationship with both current clients and new clients. Mobile campaigns can also capture the same types of information and data as from an email address and postcards.

9. Mobile Marketing Must Be Relevant, Timely, Effective and Valuable

You must send SMS to only those clients who agreed to receive it. To guarantee a successful PPC campaign, customers should receive SMS at a time when it is of extreme value to them. For instance, real estate news on a Saturday evening, sports news during a running game, etc. In addition to this, always consider the different time zones when using mobile marketing activities. Also, you must send only relevant information to clients or at least those who are extremely valuable in your list.

8. Mobile Marketing Is the Ultimate New Source for Customer Relationship Management

Customer loyalty is one of the most challenging and useful tasks in online marketing. On the other hand, print media television campaigns offer only one-way communication. Mobile marketing campaign offers clients the choice to provide a feedback and initiate contact with the product, support, comment, service or anything else. To make your PPC campaign successful, you can personalize the messages and communicate directly to your specific clients. This way marketers and brands get a delightful chance to communicate directly with your customers, use mobile phones as a channel, and generate an opt-in database.

7. Search Engines That You Must Use

You must begin your research on search engines that suit your business the most. There are several PPC search engines out there. However, the top two at this moment are Yahoo and Google. To make your PPC campaigns successful, it is an excellent idea to begin it with a small budget, thereby spreading it over a few different search engines to see where your target market may be hiding out.

6. The Relevance of Keywords

An indispensable component of a successful PPC campaign is the all-imperative keyword selection process. You need to choose keywords that are specific to your service or product offering. Also, you must not select keywords that are very popular, as this may drain your PPC funds sooner than expected. In addition to this, it is imperative to know the keywords that your competitors are using. For this, you only need to try searching for them. If you come across a PPC advertising campaign along the side of your opponent, then pen down that keyword and add it to your list.

5. Optimize for Quality Score

Only not comprehending Google’s score is certainly no excuse for not optimizing for it. If you score higher for quality, the price per click will go down, and you just cannot afford to ignore the quality score. Those of you with a quality score of 1, will have to pay 400 percent more per click, and for a score of 10, the price per click will decrease by 50 percent.

4. How to Get Clients to Click Your Ads

Once you have selected the keywords, the next step is to get all those who are searching for such keywords to click on your ad. This, in turn, will cause them to click on your website, and potentially buy your product or service. One of the most efficient ways is to get their attention to use their keywords in the title box of your PPC ad. It will grab their attention and let them know that your service or product exactly what they want.

3. Track Your Conversions and Clicks

The key to any successful PPC campaign is knowing whether or not your advertisements are being converted into sales. And that is why tracking your ad is indispensable if you want your business to be successful. Once you begin tracking, you can make the call if you need to make any adjustments to them. Both Overture and Google have built-in conversion and tracking tools that you can use to get a holistic view of your existing PPC campaigns.

2. Lead to the Appropriate Landing Page

It is incredibly frustrating for buyers who are searching for black watches being resulted in the homepage of a shopping website rather than the item they wanted. Therefore, if you are not linking straight away to the landing page from your campaigns, you are indeed losing out on a lot of clients and irritating them as well. So, if you create more than one campaign, you must make sure you do not send your entire traffic to the same page.

1. Check In Frequently

For a successful PPC campaign, you just cannot set it and then forget it completely. You need to log in at least once in a week to work on your advertisements. This way you will know whether the keywords you chose are driving enough traffic to your website or not. However, you do not have to spend your entire day there. Simply take a look to ensure your advertisements are driving enough traffic. If not, you can work on your keywords, increase your bids for a couple of days, or even target a new audience.

All these secrets will successfully drive your e-marketing endeavors.

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